Rock your beauty routine with oil pulling It's never been so easy having naturally whiter teeth

Recently i had the opportunity to read an article about oil pulling. What is oil pulling? you will ask. Well i didn’t have any idea before reading that article too. But my interest got immediatly high when i found out that it is a natural method of cleaning and having whiter teeth.

What is oil pulling?

Oil pulling has been practiced for thousands of years as part of the ancient Indian practice of Ayurveda. The practice involves swishing a small amount of coconut oil around your mouth and it helps to reduce the levels of harmful bacteria in the mouth, which are pulled out with the oil. This delivers a powerful, natural oral detox, resulting in reduced plaque, long-lasting fresh breath and a beautiful white smile.

Making some more research i found a product that not only is 100% natural but also comes in convenient tear-off sachets and you can choose one of the 4 fabulous flavours: spearmint, lime, wild cherry and peppermint, blanded with the finest coconut oil. At this point i decided i had to absolutely try the OshunWhite Oil Pulling peppermint flavour.


I’ve been using OshunWhite oil pulling for a week already and i can say i’m totally in love with this product! The single-dose sachets is perfect for who like me is always on the road and travels a lot, you can even take them on the plane for your long trips and you don’t have to carry an entire oil bottle for just a 2 days trip. And the flavours are really fabulous, not only it makes the mouth flush pleasant but also leaves a fresh sensation for a long time. Even it is practiced and known for decades, OshunWhite has created a revolutionary product that simplifies our everyday beauty routine and gives  natural alternative to the chemical teeth whitening craze.


As soon as i finish my 2 week oil pulling beauty treatment i will post a new article about my impressions, results and advices for a more effective use.

For those who are interested in OshunWhite’s Oil Pulling and want more info you can visit their website here:






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