The etiquette of wearing jewels

Jewelry trends, as well as all the fashion industry, are constantly changing and each season brings with it new models and various ways to wear them.  In this article we will take a step back in history to understand more about the etiquette of the jewels, but above all, to find out which are the rules to follow when choosing the right jewel to wear for every occasion.

Years ago jewelry etiquette was very rigid. For example the diamonds could never be worn during the day and never before the 40’s, as well as the pearls were absolutely out for a casual outfit.

The modern jewelry etiquette is much more flexible. Diamonds and pearls for example can be worn not only on important occasions, but mixed with different styles, patterns, colors and stones. There’s only one fundamental point: it takes measures and good taste in choosing the jewelry.

1.How many jewelry to wear
The basic etiquette of the jewels is: few, precious and quality. Better remove a gem rather than add it.  This rule is also applicable for rings, it’s definitely not chic to have fingers filled with rings of different colors, sizes and styles.  To make sure you get it right better opt for a studied simplicity, dispensing with wisdom and good sense the jewels, reconciling them with the look, face shape and silhouette.

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2. The jewelry for day and evening
Assuming that being chic is not synonymous to wearing a lot of jewellery, neither to wearing showy clothes.
Jewelry etiquette for a perfect casual look allows to wear gold /silver chains, pearl necklaces, rings with medium-value stones (aquamarine, jade, lapis, turquoise, coral, loose, etc.), and for an elegant evening look the best jewelry are those with diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires.

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3. How and when to wear your Solitaire and the chevalière
For jewelry etiquette if the brilliant Solitaire is an engagement ring you can wear it from morning till night. Idem in the case of the diamond ring.
The chevalière is the golden ring that is very fashionable lately and goes on the little finger of the left hand, although jewelry etiquette requires to wear it on the right hand. It was once a symbol of nobility and had engraved the coat of arms of the house of belonging.

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4. How to match your jewelry
According to the etiquette of precious jewelry, every look should be chosen according to the situation. It is not recommended to combine gaudy jewelry with a fancy dress full of colors, although we saw such combinations on the latest Fashion Week catwalks around the world, lets say that for the everyday life it is definitely too crippled. The opposite is if you choose a sober look (elegant black dress for example) make the jewelry be the most important piece you wear.
One last important thing: always pay attention to the clothing fabric and the type of jewelry worn, beaded jewels or the hooks can easily catch and pull the wires or even tear the light fabrics.

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5. Men’s jewelry
Jewelry etiquette also applies to jewelry for men who should wear only faith ring, the watch and the twins. As for necklaces and bracelets, they are allowed as long as little garish.

6. To avoid
According to the etiquette of the jewelry there are occasions when the jewelry should be avoided, for example the funerals, as a matter of respect and because it’s not the time to flaunt. At the beach or when practicing sports, especially pearls and diamonds, for a purely technical metter: sweat, sand, sea water or chlorine can easily damage the jewelry.  As for superstitions it is said that the pins should not be gifted because they bring pain, so for those who are superstitious take special care.

Follow these few simple rules and you will appear always elegant and fashionable.

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All the jewels are from Thais Bernardes new collection