Winter reflections…a perfect January day

If asked which is my favorite season of the year i would certainly say: winter, and my imagination will go to the perfectly snow covered streets, snow that sparkles and crunches, like sugar underfoot; the cold that pinches my cheeks and makes me feel alive,  the silence of the snow that drops down, the fairytale landscape all around…how much i miss this kind of winter, but living in a city like Milano one has to accept that winters here are foggy, often rainy and relatively cold.

But this year i’ve discovered another side of winter that i loved from the very first moment and that changed not my love for winter but my perception of it. Now if you ask me what do i like about winter my answer will be yes the snow and the cold and the silence but also the peace of an endless January Sunday on the beach, the shy rays of the sun that caress your skin, the deep color of the sea and the lightness that prevails in the soul.

The sea is everything i want to be: beautiful, mysterious, wild and free. This what i realized just after one perfect winter day spent by the sea. I finally felt myself and this is what i recommend every and each of you to do: spend a winter day by the sea, it will give a new prospective of yourself and your life, it will make you feel younger and full of energy, it will totally recharge your energy, mind and soul.